Meeting Notepad App for iPad

Take meeting minutes on your iPad, automatically pre-filled using your calendar appointments, and email or print them in one click with this time-saving meeting notepad.

Say goodbye to wasting time at your desk typing up meeting notes! No more lugging a heavy laptop to every meeting! Now you can use your iPad to take meeting notes on the spot, no preparation required. At the end of the meeting, with the click of a button everyone will have professionally formatting meeting minutes delivered to their email inbox instantly.

Add meetings from your calendar automatically pre-filled for you

Type meeting notes on your iPad

Add attendees from your address book with auto-complete

Email professionally formatted meeting minutes instantly

Export meeting notes to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and more

  • Type Meeting Notes On Your iPad
Your iPad is now the perfect tool for meetings - take notes, including the meeting title, date, location and agenda. Save time by pre-filling it from your calendar appointment or by copying a previous meeting. At the end of the meeting, email or print professionally formatted meeting minutes to all the attendees, automatically generated for you.
  • Add Meetings From Your Calendar, Automatically Pre-Filled For You
Select any meeting from your calendar for a new meeting and it will be auto-filled with all relevant details, including the meeting title, date, room, list of attendees and agenda.
  • Got a Regular Meeting? Auto-Fill New Meetings By Copying a Previous Meeting
Create a new meeting by copying any previous meeting's notes. The new meeting will be auto-filled from the previous meeting, updated with today's date and time.
  • Add Attendees From Your Address Book With Auto-Complete
No need to type each person's full name - with Address Book auto-complete, just type in a few letters and you will be prompted with a list of suggested name to add to your meetings in one click.
  • Email Professionally Formatted Minutes to Meeting Attendees
At the end of your meeting, click the Share icon to automatically generate professionally formatting meeting minutes and email them to all the meeting attendees. Need to resend last week's meeting notes? It's easy - just open that meeting and click "Email" to resend it.
  • Print Professionally Formatted Minutes Instantly
Sometimes you need a hard copy print out of your meeting notes - now you can have the best of both worlds. Type your notes on your iPad, then click "Print" to generate professionally formatted meeting minutes printed on any AirPrint-enabled printer.
  • Voice Dictation Now Supported (On iPad 3 Or Newer)
Tap the microphone button on your iPad keyboard to enable voice dictation, then talk and let your iPad do the typing for you.
  • Export Meeting Notes To Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks And More
Export your meeting notes to your favourite document storage apps, including Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks, Kindle, Google Drive and SkyDrive.


"It's exactly what I wanted for taking meeting minutes on my iPad." 
- Ruth B., Office Administrator

"This app is such a time saver! I used to sit at my PC after each meeting to type up the minutes and email them manually. Now I just bring my iPad with me and email the minutes on the spot at the end of the meeting!" 
- Charlie S., Executive Assistant

"This is in my Top 10 list of useful apps on my iPad. I attend lots of meetings with clients, so having a dedicated app for taking meeting notes on my iPad has been so useful. I can't believe used to type them in Notes before I found out about Meeting Notepad!" 
- Jessica S., Sales Manager


Q. How do I get my calendar appointments to display? When I select "New Meeting From Calendar", nothing is listed!
A. Make sure you have setup your Calendar on your iPad. Open the "Settings" app, and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and check if your calendar is listed there. If it isn't, click "Add Account" to add your calendar and your appointments will now be listed in Meeting Notepad.

Q. How do I copy a previous meeting?
A. Click the "+" button in the top-left corner, select "Copy Existing Meeting", and then select your previous meeting from the list. Your new meeting will now be created pre-filled with the notes from the previous meeting.

Q. How do I email my meeting notes to everyone at the meeting?
A. First make sure everyone's name has been added to the "Attendees" field of your meeting notes. Then click the share button in the top-right corner, and click the "Email" button to email professionally formatted meeting minutes to all the attendees.

Q. I need to print my meeting notes on paper - can I do that?
A. Of course! Click the share button in the top-right corner, and click the "Print" button to print your meeting minutes to your printer. (Note: Requires an AirPrint-compatible printer.)

Q. Is it possible to view my meeting notes on my desktop/laptop?
A. Definitely! Yo can export meeting notes to your favourite document sharing app (such as Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive) to view them on another computer or tablet. Click the share button in the top-right corner, and click the "Export" button to export your meeting minutes to any app on your iPad which PDF documents. 

Q. I have a recurring meeting every week, will this still work in Meeting Notepad?
A. Certainly - each meeting you can copy the previous meeting notes, or create a new meeting from the current meeting appointment in your calendar. Either way, a new meeting notes will be created automatically pre-filled for you with the details from your previous meeting or calendar appointment.

Q. The Attendees field doesn't display any suggested names from my address book when I type, what's wrong?
A. Meeting Notepad needs permission to access the Contacts on your iPad to display suggested names. To enable this, open the "Settings" app, select "Privacy", then select "Contacts" and switch on "Meeting Notepad".

Q. Can I enable/disable access to my Contacts and Calendar after the first time I've launched Meeting Notepad?
A. You can change the permissions for your Contacts and Calendar at any time you wish. Open the "Settings" app, select "Privacy", then under "Contacts" or "Calendar" you can enable or disable access to your address book or calendar for any apps installed on your iPad.